You Have Mail

I love getting emails. Seriously, you may think I am joking, but I  a little thrill of joy erupts in my chest when I see “New Message” in my inbox.

I know, I’m a bit weird.

But like anything, I don’t greet all messages with a smile in my heart.  There are some headers and subject lines that I immediately want to delete.

“What to Melt Away Fat?”
“Eat Right For Your Type”
“10 Great Moves to Blast Your Butt”

I can see you internally rolling your eyes at those phrases.  Why melt away fat??  We all need fat to live.  What is my type??  I’m a human, so doesn’t eating enough food for the day constitute as eating right for my type?   And blast your butt?!  Why?  My butt and yours isn’t a rocket ship needing to go to the moon.  Even now, my judging mind is balking at these claims and questions.  But sadly waaaay back when I desired a perfectly sculpted six-pack and toned (!!!!) glutes, I subscribed to ALL KINDS of these websites in hopes of finding THE MAGIC GURU that could tell me how to get a summer beach body and maintain that svelte physique year round.

And let me tell you, the websites out there spouting how their exercise regimen or diet plan as being THE BEST are numerous.

The amount of them is overwhelming.

Bodybuilding ones. Paleo ones. CrossFit ones. IIFYM ones. Booty-blasting ones. Vegan ones.

All kinds.

So why do I like getting emails when I am daily bombarded by an influx of crazy tag lines and information I know I won’t use? Part of it is that with my limited technological prowess, I think I have already unsubscribed to an email list only to find out that no, I haven’t. Sad tale, but true.

Moreso, the main reason why I just let these emails clutter my “promotions” gmail section is that I  have learned to just ignore them and use them as fuel. I see the subject header screaming at me that I can get more shapely legs if I only prescribe to doing these 3 particular exercises, and I merely scroll past it and continue with my day.  And there’s something quite liberating about actively choosing NOT to buy into all of the schemes out there.

Because isn’t that life? Isn’t someone always talking about the new diet she is on that she swears helped her lose 10 pounds in a week? Isn’t there always a guy posting on social media the ins and outs of the new workout he did to grow his biceps? Isn’t there always another YouTube clip sharing the reason why carbs are evil and then fat is evil but then fat is good and one can never eat too much protein?

No matter how much I share about the fallacy of fad diets and crazy exercise routines, there will always be people out there who buy into the quick fix. Heck, I was one of them.  So while I will never stop being vocal about the truth (consistent training and proper nutrition are key!!!), I also know that there will always be individuals who will NOT believe that eating a balanced diet is paramount and that spending hours doing cardio is not always the best way to go about getting a muscular physique.  That’s just the truth.  So what are my options?  Throw up my hands in despair?  Give up sharing the truth?

No.  Quite the opposite in fact.

I will continue to work hard perfecting my squat form.  I will continue to go through my hypertrophy cycles to gain muscular size.  I will continue to work on extending when I snatch and clean.  I will continue to work on being aggressive in my pulls.  Because hopefully when others see that I don’t run for hours on end yet can still be relatively “in shape”, maybe that will propel them to also pick up a barbell.  Maybe when these same individuals realize that I eat for my goals and not to satisfy an emotional craving, that chocolate is good, that having vegetables at my meals is important, and that like life, there is an ebb and flow to the amounts of treats and good wholesome meals I consume, maybe then they will also stop and evaluate what and why they eat what they do.

So, yes, I love looking at my emails.  I like being reminded of why I live the way I do.  So now, I am off.  Off to finish up looking through my inbox one last time before I start preparing dinner.  And I wonder what surprises will be waiting for me there.

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