#transformationthursday Part 2

Here it is!  Part 2…the continuation…


So I prayed.  


I sat on the floor of my bedroom and asked God for direction and clarity.


I didn’t talk about it with my husband or friends or family much.  I didn’t share with them that I was feeling trapped and burned out and overwhelmed and anxious.


I didn’t need their worldly advice or help or directions.  What I needed, what I wanted, what I KNEW would bring me true peace could not be found in a positive text message or heart-to-heart discussion.  


What I needed was that inexplicable lightness that only Jesus could provide.  And wouldn’t you know? Jesus came through.


After spending some time in prayer, I decided to check my IG and FB apps because I needed my spirit to feel lightened, and what better way to do so than see some videos and pictures of cute puppies and babies?  While on my phone I started chatting with an online weightlifting buddy of mine, and it was through the talk of food (ice cream, yum!) that the topic of Renaissance Periodization came back up. I worked with RP coaches before but always stopped their services because I thought I could manage my nutrition and training best on my own.


Safe to say, that assumption never turned out to be true.


Anyway, in the midst of my messaging with my online friend, I mentioned that I was looking for some kind of direction, nutrition and training wise.  It was then that she mentioned that she loves her RP coach because he is personable and understanding, responds in a timely manner to emails and messages, is a tremendous athlete himself, AND also has a strong faith base.  


I was sold.  I signed up to work with Coach Alex later that day.


It may seem quite drastic to suddenly start working with a person I never met in person or live near to.  But there was something that nudged my spirit when my friend spoke about him.


Try it.  Work with him.  Do it.


Within a month of following the templates Coach Alex prescribed, I was feeling more energetic.  More satiated. More filled. And then two months went by and my confidence grew. I saw food as fuel, a necessary part of life.  And another month came and went. And another.


And now, here I am.  I am lifting weights for reps that I couldn’t do once a year ago.  I am eating consistently through the day and even have “doctor’s orders” to consume all the ice cream and peanut butter I can (yes, that’s what happens when you have a really fast metabolism and are on a massing phase).


It is a transformation, for sure.  In the past I truly tried to have all control over what food went into my mouth, when it went into my mouth, and what I’d do before and after it went into my mouth.  Living in that fashion was confining. Debilitating. In the past, I’d approach the barbell with some element of excitement, but much more filled with fear of whether or not I’d make the lift.


But praise God, now there is freedom.  There is light. I ate the Christmas cookies my daughter baked last weekend and did so without a second thought.  I approach a bar loaded with an intimidating weight, set down to clean it, and then think about the extension and rack versus the heaviness and fear that used to bog me down.  I meal prep my food on Sundays because I like knowing that the omelettes and chicken I eat at school will fuel me to be the best teacher, weightlifter, mother, and wife I can possibly be.


There has been a transformation.  There is a transformation. There will be more transformations to come.  And while I altered my physical appearance within the months I’ve worked with Alex, it’s the internal change that is my true transformation.  More focus. More joy. More peace. Just, more.


And for that, I celebrate #transforamtionthursday.

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