Parkinson’s and Yoga

This is going to be a short and sweet post.

I had one of the most profound experiences this afternoon.

I attended a yoga workshop.

We did breathing.

We did postures.

We did more breathing.

We did more postures.

But what was so wonderful, so amazing, was that this workshop was geared for teachers to learn how to instruct a class of people with Parkinson’s.

It was quite eye opening to learn that there IS such a thing as early on-set Parkinson’s, and that there is really NO REAL CURE FOR THE CONDITION.


Hearing that makes my heart hurt.

Because Parkinson’s is a neurological condition, those suffering with tremors and an inability to control their movements are still cognitively able and alert.  They are just simply unable to perform actions that are common and that we don’t give a second thought about.




It must be incredibly frustrating to know “Hey, I need to sit down!”, yet you cannot because your knees will not bend on their own volition.

Thankfully, there are organizations like the Hawaii Parkinson’s Association (HPA) who are trying to get the public more informed about the disorder.  Because in reality, those struggling with the illness are people.  They are not “diseased.”  They have a family, a job, a hobby, a life.

I was incredibly moved to help this population after this workshop today.  I am looking to start teaching some Parkinson’s yoga classes in the very near future.  Do you know someone with Parkinson’s?  Do you have the disorder?  What types of movement have you or someone you know do to help battle the illness?  Comment below!

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