3M Campaign

It has been two weeks (or so) of “going back to my roots”…and I’m inspired.

I’m refreshed.

I’m lighter in my spirit.

I’m smiling more.

I’m open more.

I’m just…more.

One of the dishes I ate as I “went back to my roots.”


And I want to share this with others.  Specifically, you.

Yes, YOU.

After praying and thinking and meditating, I decided to start a campaign.  Yes, a campaign.  A 3M Campaign, to be exact.


What is the 3M Campaign?


It’s simple.


Integrate three lifestyle changes.  For three months.  And then see how these changes become habits that grow more strength, more balance, more health, more wellness, more peace, more joy in your life.


What are the three lifestyle changes for this campaign?

  1. Mindful movement
  2. Mindful meals
  3. Mindful meditation


Yes, you CAN be this happy!!!


In upcoming posts I’ll go through more of the nitty-gritty details for each of the three lifestyle changes, but basically, those wanting to take part in the campaign will be moving, eating, and finding time to be pray, breathe, and reflect in order to better serve others (and be the strongest version of themselves possible).


And just to be clear, this is a campaign, not a challenge.

There are 30-day challenges intent on getting people to lose weight, 2-week challenges focused on getting people to drink celery juice and participate in a cleanse, and 7-day challenges to get people “toned” and “healthy.”

This campaign is not that.

A “challenge” almost sound like there is something arduous and (possibly) unattainable about the outcome.  Will you get the results you want?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

A “campaign”, on the other hand, denotes a journey with a distinct goal.  That journey, that process will take time, yet there is an end in sight.  There is also a distinct avenue to reach said goal.  There is work to be done, but that work will not be done in vain.

A campaign is not unfathomable.  The goal of a campaign IS attainable.  It IS doable.


What are your goals? What do you value? Where is your joy?


The 3M campaign is set to start July 1, just a few weeks away, and in the upcoming days I’ll outline more about what is required of participants.  There will be prizes for a select few participants (and great prizes too!), online group support as well as individualized in-person guidance if applicable (the campaign is open to whomever wants to join, regardless of where you live).  Weekly informational posts about mindful movement, meals, and meditation will also be available to participants, and if you live in Hawaii, weekly yoga and fitness classes will be offered at the Nimitz Business Center to help you be more mindful in your movement.

I’m excited for this campaign.  Are you??  Stay tuned for more details…

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