3M Campaign Part 1: Mindful Movement

My daughter just finished the school year, and let me tell you, her second grade year was filled with SO MANY activities, lessons, and projects.  Not only did she learn all about dinosaurs and the ankylosaurus, but she also studied immigration, the water cycle, multiplication, and haiku poetry.  Her biggest accomplishment, however, was learning how to write in cursive.  My daughter would show me her name spelled fancily in swirly letters, and would proudly declare, “Look, mom!!!  Cursive!!!”


I love that my little girl can now count out money with ease, tell me what the definition of “alliteration” is, and share with me about what life was like for the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  But none of this knowledge would have been possible without a foundation:  I don’t expect her to know how to multiply or divide if she has no concept of addition or integers.


Can’t snowboard without learning how to balance!

If this is true, that we don’t expect students to automatically grasp difficult concepts, why then would we throw ourselves into 30-day challenges that require us to eat only raw fruits and vegetables if our diet primarily consists of McDonald’s or Burger King?  Why try doing a CrossFit WOD if we can’t even walk around the block without getting out breath?


And so that brings us to the 3M Campaign.  Unlike the majority of challenges out there, there are three specific areas of the campaign participants will have to focus on for three months:

  1.  Mindful Movement
  2. Mindful Meals
  3. Mindful Meditation

For each of those sects, you will have to integrate a new lifestyle change three times a week.  Now before you start hyperventilating at the thought of having to endure 2-hour long gym sessions three times a week, read this:


Yup, you read that right.  There is no “you must workout for an hour a day” criteria or “you must take up yoga.”  Sign up for the campaign, and you work with where you are and what you got.

For example, picture this scenario.  Maybe you have just had a baby, and between waking up for feedings and diaper changes and burping and feedings and diaper changes and burping and laundry, all you can REALLY do is, well, pray for time to take a shower.  In that case, Mindful Movement for you may be taking your baby for a 10 minutes walk outside three times a week.  During those moments, you’re bonding with your child.  You’re outside in the fresh air.  You’re away from the distractions and responsibilities of home.  Or maybe Mindful Movement is healing your diastasic recti and focusing back on alignment of your pelvis.  For you, Mindful Movement is more about healing and restructuring.

Yup, I’ve been there!!!

On the other hand, maybe you’re a competitive (fill in the blank with a certain sport).  Powerlifting.  Marathon running.  Triathlons.  CrossFit.  Weightlifting.  Whatever the sport, you are committed.  You are determined.  You spend 5-6 times a week perfecting your skill and body for the next competition, race, or event.  Maybe Mindful Movement for you is taking a yoga class.  Or even better yet, spending five more minutes after training doing mobility work.  Maybe it is taking a day OFF of training and letting your body recover or doing unilateral work to focus on shoulder health and postural imbalances.  For you, Mindful Movement takes on many forms.

My sport of choice. 🙂

Or maybe you fall into another category.  You are the somewhat-consistent-exerciser who is not looking to compete or have the gym take over your life.  You’re pretty content with your exercise routine:  cardio for 30 minutes, weights for 30 minutes, rinse and repeat three times a week.  For you, maybe Mindful Movement is trying a new way of moving.  Taking up yoga.  Taking up rock climbing.  Taking up hiking. Taking up surfing.  Try a new way of moving your body in all planes and all directions.  Work on speed and power if you’re primarily good at endurance and flexibility.  For you, Mindful Movement also looks a bit different.

Try a new sport!

As you can see, Mindful Movement is contingent on where YOU are in your health and wellness journey and what resources are readily available to YOU.  Having access to a gym is not necessary, and you don’t need to sign up for yoga classes (although I will be leading weekly yoga classes and circuit-style trainings for those wanting interested!).  And the best part?  Your 3-month Mindful Movement goals are YOURS alone.  No one else’s.  You aren’t competing with anyone (unless, of course, you really want to!).  You are working on becoming the best version of yourself possible.  You are improving your body, mind, and spirit to better help others and live the life God intended for you.


In my next post, I’ll talk about the Mindful Meals component…until then, I’d love to hear from you!

What are some of your Mindful Movement goals?  Are you ready to take the 3M Campaign plunge?  Comment below!

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