Join the 3M Campaign!

As you may already know (or have seen on my IG or FB), I am coordinating a health and wellness campaign.  It is called the 3M Campaign, and I know participating in this event WILL help you jump start (or continue) leading a lifestyle of mindfulness, wholeness and balance.
Here are some details about the campaign:
Duration:  For three months, you will institute three different lifestyle changes each week (1 change per each category).
What are the categories?  The three lifestyle changes will fall into these different categories:
1.  Mindful Movement
2.  Mindful Meals
3.  Mindful Meditation
The beauty with these lifestyle changes are that YOU get to determine what they are!  Maybe you want to spend 10 more minutes stretching.  Maybe you want to try a new sport.  Maybe you want to shop at a local farmer’s market.  Maybe you are going to cut down from 3 donuts a week to 2 donuts.  Maybe you are going to take five breaths before getting into your car to drive home in traffic.  The choice is up to you!
Why:  The reason for this campaign is to get individuals to live lives that are thriving, that are balanced, that are full of wholeness and health and wellness.  It’s a cliche to say that a person cannot help others unless he is whole himself–but it’s true.  True health and wellness encompasses mind, body, and spirit, and too often, we are only stuck on improving the “body” part of that trinity.  This campaign is designed to challenge that notion.
How much:  The three month campaign costs $50 for the entire time period.  Included in the fee are a free shirt, Down to Earth gift certificate, 3 free yoga/fitness classes, weekly information about mindfulness, and the opportunity to win prizes from the following businesses:
1-hour FST (fascia stretch therapy) by Kirk Kodama
1-hour Massage by Anne Takata
Kekoa Collective gear
Kakaako Kasuals gear
Jewelry from Kim Muzzi
Final Logistics:
The deadline to sign up is June 25, and the campaign starts July 1.
I already have some folks registered, so if you want to join the campaign, please respond to me via email ( to let me know and submit payment via Venmo.
Even if you live on the mainland, you can still participate in the campaign!  I can create a training/yoga program for you in place of the free classes and can also mail you goods from Down to Earth.
There will be a FB group for the campaign, so if you want to join the group, please let me know as well.
Lastly, tell your family and friends about the campaign!  The more people we get involved, the better!  :-). Making any type of lifestyle change is challenging, but doing so with others makes an arduous task that much more accessible.
Please let me know if you have any further questions!  I’m looking forward to seeing you grow in this upcoming campaign!

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