Sooooy Cuuuuurls

I don’t have much time.







With so many responsibilities pulling me in every direction, how can I get a nutritious plant-based meal on the table?

I rely on my staples (make-it-yourself tacos, sushi, one-pot dinners), but I was looking for something, well, different.  Something new.  Something quick and easy.  Something that my eight and four-year-old would also love.

And I found it.

I purchased the Renaissance Periodization Vegan Cookbook this past week and adapted the “Battered and Air Fried Soy Curls” recipe and WOW.  MY KIDS LOVED IT.  ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  Better yet, everything took a little less than 20 minutes (prepping, cooking).  Amazing.

The original recipe calls for an air fryer, but we don’t have one.  Also, I was missing some of the ingredients listed from the ebook recipe.  So I adapted.  And once again:  WOW.  😉

Here is my adapted recipe for soy curls…and if you can, GET THE RP VEGAN COOKBOOK.  There are so many great recipes to choose from, I am now inspired to experiment with my soy and veggies and seasonings…

One of the vegan dishes in the RP Vegan Cookbook!


Baked Soy Curls


2 cups of dry soy curls (soak in water to rehydrate)

Whole wheat flour to coat the curls (the original recipe calls for GF flour)

Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning to taste (my daughter looooves this spice!!!)…but you could use any other type of seasoning that suits your taste (i.e. salt and pepper, Montreal seasoning, chili pepper)

1/4-1/3 cup almond milk

Sprinkle of lemon juice

1/4-1/2 TBSP egg replacer

Panko (enough to coat the curls)

Cooking spray



Cover a baking sheet pan with foil and spray with cooking spray.

Soak the soy curls and then squeeze out the water from the curls after 5-10 minutes.

Combine the flour and Trader Joe’s seasoning in a bowl.

Combine the milk, lemon juice and egg replacer in another bowl.

Coat the curls with the flour and seasoning.

Pour the milk mixture in with the curls, thoroughly mixing.

Combine panko and more Trader Joe’s seasoning (adding more seasoning is optional) and knead into the curls.

Place on pan and bake at 425 degrees for 8 minutes.  Rotate the curls and bake for 8-10 more minutes.

Remove and let cool!  I served my curls on a bed of sweet potato chips with vegan melted cheese and salsa on top.  You could pair the curls with any type of dipping sauce (ranch, hummus, etc).


What seasoning and dip variations are you going to try (or did try)?  I am thinking putting some furikake in with the panko may give the curls a nice Asian-inspired taste.  Pair that with shiracha-mayo, and DELICIOUS!!!  What are some of your favorite vegan dishes?  Comment and share below!


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