Veganize it? Sure! French Toast!

“French toast!  French toast!  French toast!”

Why my daughter wanted the delectable dish for dinner last night is beyond me.  She is a breakfast-foodie at heart (pancakes are her JAM!), yet her desire for a plate of cinnamon-vanilla goodness seemingly came from nowhere.

French toast?  Well, ok.  Sure.  I’m down for “breakfast for dinner.”

When I normally make the dish, sadly, I often times resort to heating up an Eggo.  I know, I know.  I SHOULD be able to make French toast easily, but I didn’t know HOW to do so veganized.  Growing up, I would see my mom dip whatever bread we had on hand in an eye-balled mixture of milk, egg, vanilla and cinnamon.  She was never really sure of the actual measurements, and as a result, the outside was sometimes too egg-y and resembled an omelet more than toast.  Either that, or she didn’t get the pan temperature exactly right, so the insides of the toast sometimes were undercooked while the outer part was burned.

And then, since we are vegan, how do I substitute the milk and egg ingredients?

But I was determined.  Determined to make the best French toast dish possible.

And make it vegan.

The result?  A thumbs up from the little gal and her little brother.



1 1/4 TBSP egg replacer

2 TBSP water

1 TBSP soy yogurt

3/4 cup almond milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

A sprinkle of cinnamon

2 slice “Japanese” bread (we get ours from the local bakery, but this type of bread is a bit thicker than the normal sandwich bread you’d buy from the grocery store).

Canola oil spray



Mix the egg replacer and water together.

Mix in the soy yogurt and almond milk.

Add the vanilla and cinnamon, making sure to mix all ingredients well.

Soak bread in the liquid mixture.  I also like to “mush” the liquid into the bread on both sides using a fork or spatula.  The “Japanese” bread is great because it’s a bit thicker than regular sandwich bread and absorbs more of the mixture.

Spray pan with canola oil and set the heat on a medium setting.  Let the pan heat well (this prevents the insides from being runny and gross and the outside of the toast from burning).

Once pan is heated, place the soaked bread in the middle of the pan and flip every 3-5 minutes.  Since the “Japanese” bread is a bit thicker, I let the toast cook on the pan a little longer.

When both sides are nice and toasted with a good browning, the French toast is ready to eat!  Happily, I think we no longer have to buy the Eggos…

Dinner is served!


I drizzled blackstrap molasses and placed bananas on my kids’ toast, but mid-way through the meal, my son also asked if I could put some peanut butter on top.  Peanut butter?  Sure!  Any topping goes great with French toast (well, within reason, ha ha)…powdered sugar and strawberries…macadamia nuts and syrup…what are your favorite French toast toppings?  Comment, like, and share below!

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