About Me


A local Hawaii girl at heart, I grew up playing soccer, running cross-country, writing poetry, and reading books (a crazy mix, I know!).  As I grew older, my love for all things health and fitness-related grew.  But in the midst of it all, I ended up developing an eating disorder.  A very bad eating disorder.

Fast forward a few decades. My passion for health and fitness still burns strong, and thankfully, I have overcome the anorexia nervosa and compulsive/excessive exercise obstacles that once ran my life.  Now I can eat pizza with friends, devour sundaes with my children, and spend weekends lying around with my husband versus running for hours.

Guys, life is pretty grand.

My desire to see individuals find true strength and wellness is what prompted me to switch careers from education to the health field.  Why?  Because everyone is valuable.  Everyone deserves to have physical, mental, and emotional strength and well-being.

Because in the end…

You are valuable.  You deserve to have strength.  You are meant to thrive.



Some of my health and wellness credentials…

  • A certified CHEK Institute Holistic Health Coach
  • A NESTA certified Sports Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer
  • ACE certified in Exercise During and After Pregnancy (ACOG Guidelines)
  • ACE certified in Building Post-Natal Core Through the Feet
  • TRX Certified
  • DotFit Nutrition Certified
  • Personal Trainer/Performance Coach at UFC Gym Honolulu
  • Previous owner of Karada Fitness
  • Previous yoga instructor with Team Move

And my own athletic achievements…

  • Second place finisher at the 2019 Masters Nationals Weightlifting Championships in Salt Lake City
  • AAU National Record Holder for Masters Bench and Squat (97# class)
  • AAU National Record Holder for Masters Snatch and Clean and Jerk (97# class)
  • Yogini who competed in numerous Hawaii Regional Asana Competitions
  • Former triathlete (I gave it up after falling off my bike numerous times, ha ha!)
  • Former marathon runner with a best Honolulu Marathon Time of 3:50:00 and numerous age group wins in local road races


Still want to know a little more about me?  Well,  I am…

  • A mother of two children who adore The Struts (look them up…they’re pretty awesome)
  • A wife to a BJJ black belt who just happens to be a vegan (sometimes vegetarian)
  • A lover of all things reading and writing (ask me for book recommendations!
  • A person of strong faith


And wouldn’t you know it?  I’m also on social media…

IG:  @zentaihealthandwellness

FB:  Freeing Faith

YouTube:  Lauren Takao (Zentai Health and Wellness)

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