ZentaiStrong (Free–donations are welcomed):
No barbells.  No dumbbells.  No frills.
ZentaiStrong is Zentai’s signature group conditioning class.  Designed for those looking to get in condition using a non-traditional-traditional approach to fitness, ZentaiStrong is a 45-minute group training class that uses NO barbells or dumbbells.  Inspired by the foundational training methods of Karl Gotch, Pavel Tsatsouline, and Baron Baptiste, ZentaiStrong incorporates wholistic bodyweight movements and yoga asanas and breath for a dynamic, fluid, and heart-pumping workout.
Join the tribe!  ZentaiStrong meets every Saturday at 9:30am at Kekoa Collective.  Classes are free–donations are welcomed.


Online and In-Person Options (In-Person option for Hawaii residents only):

  • Nutrition only
  • Movement only
  • Nutrition and movement
  • Cognition Coaching
Nutrition only:
The key to being able to follow a nutritional plan is to develop healthy eating habits first!  Nutrition services include a nutrition plan that will help you know how to prepare healthy food, eat out without fear, and partake in a diet that supports your lifestyle.  Plans strive to incorporate whole local foods and your particular food preferences into the nutrition templates.
Initial consultation: Free!
Monthly nutrition plan provided via email (great for remote clients with check-ins 2x a week): $50
1:1 in-person nutritional meeting (great for local Hawaii residents) that includes monthly nutrition plan (50 minutes): $50/ 50 minutes
Training only:
Whether you want to build cardiovascular endurance or muscular strength, you need to train appropriately to reach that goal!   Individualized training plans are the key to getting stronger, physically and mentally!  Zentai offers individualized and semi-private group training sessions to help you reach your goals.
Individual sessions: $80/ 50 min
Semi-private group sessions (2 or more): $40 each/ 50 min
Nutrition and Training:
Want the best of both worlds?  Then a combo Nutrition and Training package is for you!
Initial consultation: Free!
Monthly plan:
  1. Monthly nutrition plan (2x week check in) and 1x training per week: $350
  2. Monthly nutrition plan (2x week check in) and 2x training per week: $500
  3. Monthly nutrition plan (2x week check in) and 3x training per week: $650
Add on to any of the monthly plans 1:1 nutritional counseling at $40/ 50 minutes



All services, Nutrition and Training, come with Cognition Coaching.  Easily downloadable PDFs and informational daily practices will be sent to you via email to help you construct and maintain healthy habits.


Email for more information.