Which category fits you?

  1. Are you approaching your “Golden Years”?  Are you loving the retired life (or are close to it), but find that with age comes more fatigue, ache, pains, and other health ailments like Parkinson’s, Type-2 Diabetes, dementia, or osteoperosis?  As we age, developing and maintaining physical strength, balance, and flexibility are important pieces in keeping our bodies and minds young.  It is never too late to grow healthy habits!!
  2. Have you recently had a baby and are wanting to regain the strength (and even the sleep!) you once had?  Are you struggling with back pains, diastasis recti, or post-partum depression?  Or do you just wish for some kind of balance and reprieve from the hectic life of a parent?  Parenthood (particularly being a mommy!) is one of the most challenging jobs, and being able to take care of oneself (physically, mentally, and emotionally) is vital in being able to be the best parent possible.
  3. Maybe you are recovering from an eating disorder, disordered eating, exercise compulsion, or hypothalamic amenorrhea.  Now, take a seat, because I have to tell you something.  Full recovery from any one of these conditions is possible, but it is a challenging process.  Physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, the road to complete healing takes time and energy.  Yet with the right guidance and treatment, one CAN find balance and true health and wellness.
  4. Or lastly, are you just feeling unsatisfied with your current diet or don’t have the energy to do the things you want to do?   Maybe you know your lifestyle is not one of wholeness and health, and you want to make a change but aren’t sure what the first steps are.

Whether you fit category 1, 2, 3, 4, or are maybe a mix of all or some, I want to help you!  Let me guide you in developing healthy movement, eating, and cognitive patterns that will enable you to find true wholeness, fullness, and complete health!

Online and In-Person Options (In-Person option for Hawaii residents only):

  • Nutrition only
  • Movement only
  • Nutrition and movement
  • Cognition Coaching
Nutrition only:
The key to being able to follow a nutritional plan is to develop healthy eating habits first!  Nutrition services include a nutrition plan that will help you know how to prepare healthy food, eat out without fear, and partake in a diet that supports your lifestyle.  Plans strive to incorporate whole local foods and your particular food preferences into the nutrition templates.
Initial consultation: Free!
Monthly nutrition plan provided via email (great for remote clients with check-ins 2x a week): $50
1:1 in-person nutritional meeting (great for local Hawaii residents) that includes monthly nutrition plan (50 minutes): $50/ 50 minutes
Training only:
Whether you want to build cardiovascular endurance or muscular strength, you need to train appropriately to reach that goal!   Individualized training plans are the key to getting stronger, physically and mentally!  Zentai offers individualized and semi-private group training sessions to help you reach your goals.
Individual sessions: $80/ 50 min
Semi-private group sessions (2 or more): $40 each/ 50 min
Group classes (5 classes for $100, 10 classes for $150, 15 classes for $330):
Do you like working out with others?  Are you a mother looking to bond with fellow mommies?  Are you a more “matured” individual looking to get more active?  Are you looking for a more body-positive approach to fitness?  Then these group classes are for you!  During a 50-minute group class, you will be able to build strength, balance, and mobility–and you’re doing it all with others with the same goals as you!
  1. Strong Training for Strong Women (for those individuals wanting to build a strong foundation–perfect for mothers!)
  2. Strong Training for Strong Living (for those individuals of a matured age/seniors)
  3. Strong Training for Strong Recovery (for those individuals needing a body-positive approach to health)
Nutrition and Training:
Want the best of both worlds?  Then a combo Nutrition and Training package is for you!
Initial consultation: Free!
Monthly plan:
  1. Monthly nutrition plan (2x week check in) and 1x training per week: $350
  2. Monthly nutrition plan (2x week check in) and 2x training per week: $500
  3. Monthly nutrition plan (2x week check in) and 3x training per week: $650
Add on to any of the monthly plans 1:1 nutritional counseling at $40/ 50 minutes



All services, Nutrition and Training, come with Cognition Coaching.  Easily downloadable PDFs and informational daily practices will be sent to you via email to help you construct and maintain healthy habits.


Email for more information.