What is ZentaiStrong?

Many times, people believe that being “healthy” means having six-pack abs and toned muscles (what does that even mean?!), being able to run a marathon, or eating fruits and vegetables and little fat.


There may be some truth to the idea that one’s physicality, ability to move, and what he eats are all components of health.  But to find true wellness requires a person to be full, complete, and whole.  What does that look like?


True health means understanding how one’s emotions, stress levels, lifestyle, and cognitions are all interwoven with her physiological and mental self.


True health means taking the time daily to find inner calm and peace.


True health means ensuring all facets of one’s life is lived to the fullest.


“Zen” often refers to the togetherness, the integration of body, mind, and spirit.  In Japanese, “Tai” is an expression of desire or want.  And that is exactly what ZentaiStrong is all about. Being ZentaiStrong is what I desire to be (and see) at the end of my eating disorder journey.


Living life to its fullest.

Loving life to its fullest.

Embracing my story.

Being my story.

Sharing my story.

Inspiring your story.